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HoneyBaked Sells Turkey Breast?!?

I have a pre-cooked turkey that has been stored in the freezer for four months. Is it still edible? It is a HoneyBaked product that was shipped to us at Christmas.

The HoneyBaked Web site only wants you to refreeze leftover ham for as much as six weeks (it has clearly not occurred to them that anyone would freeze the entire ham or turkey breast and not eat most of it right away!)

You will notice that they don't say anything about freezing the turkey breast. They let you keep ham a little longer in the refrigerator than turkey (7 to 10 days vs. 5 to 7 days), but clearly they would prefer you not freeze their turkey at all.

If you popped it in the freezer as soon as it arrived, though, it will absolutely still be safe. The question is whether the quality will be as good as you or the HoneyBaked folks would like. Because they are spiral cut, and so have a lot more potential surface area than regular hams and turkey breasts, there is more likelihood that ice crystals will damaged the flesh or that they will have suffered freezer burn.

In addition, the turkey is more coarsely grained than a ham, so it is even more likely to degrade in the harsh environment of the freezer.

In any event, it is edible and safe. Take it out of the freezer, thaw it in the refrigerator for no more than two days, and give it a try. If it is grainy or dry or tastes freezer burned, move on to Plan B. (You do have a Plan B, don't you? It's always important to have a Plan B.)

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