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Explain Ochef's Advertising Policy, At Once!

 The gross advertisement of "How to get white teeth" along with a photo of a mouth full of ugly yellow teeth makes your recipes especially unappetizing. I realize you depend on advertisers, but you are going beyond the limit of good taste. Pun intended.

 You are not alone in your dislike of some of the ads running at Ochef – some of which show up in multiple sizes on the same page. The yellow teeth don't bother us as much as the cellulite-laden thighs.

We have found that shutting off certain ads that are not, um, beautiful does cause a noticeable decrease in our daily revenue, which we really cannot afford. Our cooking information will not do anyone any good if we are no longer here.

Until such time as Kraft, Stouffer's, Nestle, Unilever, Toyota, Disney, Random House and other big advertisers and their agencies notice us and are willing to buy space on what is not yet a mega-site, we are going to have to continue to work with ad-serving networks, some of which auction our space to the highest bidder without regard to aesthetics.

We are grateful to still be in business, in what are not the best of times. We are grateful for the readers who come to Ochef often and tell family and friends to visit. Please try to support those advertisers at Ochef that appeal to you, and try to overlook those you find unpalatable. In the meantime, we're trying to grow as fast as we can….

Thank you for your comment.

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