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How to Format Ochef in Your Bibliography

Who is the author and publisher of this web page?

It's a secret.

But for the purpose of creating a comprehensive bibliography that will get you an A on your Honors Thesis, you may need to include the following information:

Publisher: Food News Service, LLC
Location: Brunswick, Maine, U.S.
Date: n.d. (for no date)
Title of article: (often irreverent sorry...)
Date accessed: now be honest it's the day before your paper is due

We would format it for you, but don't know if you want to follow the MLA style, APA, Chicago Notes and Bibliography, Chicago Author-Date., etc. That part's up to you.

We find it ironic that you did not share your email address or location with us in your question. We find it shocking that we chose to answer, since we NEVER answer questions that arrive without at least an email address. Our standards must be slipping.

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