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O Sont des Herbes de Provence?

What are herbes de Provence? I can't find it at my local grocer's, so can I make my own?

As far as we're concerned, you can do anything you want on your own you're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggone it, people like you!

That's enough affirmation for one day! Herbes de Provence is a classical herb mixture from the south of France, especially characterized by the use of lavender. It is traditionally rubbed on grilled meats and roast chicken, added to stuffing, used to liven up tomato sauces and pizzas, added to biscuits, and can be used to make an unusual but delicious ice cream. The most classic pairing, though, is with roast lamb.

It may be available in your supermarket the leading spice companies sell it as "French Herbs," or something similar, that excuses you from actually having to deal with French words. It is almost certainly available in gourmet shops, and there are many versions available online.

And that brings us to the challenge there are many mixtures that qualify as herbes de Provence. In addition to the lavender, it also includes rosemary, basil, thyme, savory, tarragon, and marjoram. Some people also add fennel seed.

A traditional mixture includes 1 teaspoon each lavender and rosemary, 2 teaspoons each basil and thyme, 4 teaspoons summer savory (or 1 tablespoon winter savory), and 2 tablespoons each tarragon and marjoram. If you're a fan of fennel seed, you can add 1 teaspoon to the mixture.

Provence is a reference to an area in southeastern France, where all of these herbs grow in abundance. The region got its name, according to one source, from its status as the first Roman province outside of Italy.

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