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How to Candy Nuts

What is the best (and easiest, I hope) way to make candied almonds? I have a recipe for a salad that calls for them, but each time I tried to make the almonds I failed miserably. I only need about one-fourth to one-third of a cup for my recipe. Please help! My potluck reputation is on the line!

A reputation can be undone pretty quickly (not that we'd know anything about that). We'd hate for it to come down to a few almonds.

We have recipes for Coffee Candied Nuts, Orange Candied Nuts, all kinds of candied nuts and, fortunately for you, regular candied nuts. The recipe is also for a small quantity of nuts (but can be multiplied) and can be used for just about any nut.

We do wonder how you failed in your previous efforts and whether the problem was with the recipe, some equipment, the temperature, or some other element in the equation (meaning you). We hope you are successful with this recipe.

Suggested Recipe: Caramelized Nuts

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