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The Hunt for an Interesting, Not-Weird Duck Soup

I have 2 duck carcasses left over from Christmas dinner, which I froze. I have found recipes to make duck stock so I will try that. But I can't find an interesting but not-too-weird recipe for a soup that is good made with duck stock. I would love one with several vegetables in it. I'm not that keen on cream soups.

Well, some reference to "easier than duck soup" seems appropriate here, but we can't think of anything particularly clever.

The recipe we've found, however, is as easy as they come, so perhaps this is where the saying comes from. It is just a blending of your wonderful stock, a few vegetables, and a little seasoning. We're a little concerned it will not meet your requirement to be especially interesting; it certainly is not weird.

This soup is so simple it hardly seems to justify a written recipe, but perhaps the amounts suggested produce the perfect duck soup. You can be the judge.

Recommended recipe: Duck Soup With Vegetables Julienne

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