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Honey, the Kids Are Freezing the Eggs Again!

My kids accidentally froze an 18-pack of fresh eggs in the shell. Can these be eaten or used at all? I would hate to have to throw away the entire batch of eggs.

If the eggs were intact when they froze, they are certainly not unsafe, so (it seems to us) the most logical approach would be to try a couple and see if they are satisfactory. If yes, use the rest. If no, throw them out.

This is an approach that can be used often in the kitchen whenever safety is not in question. Try things for yourself. Too often (we think), people rely on cookbook writers, restaurant critics, brilliant Internet sites, and others who might well be food snobs to tell them when something is good or not. We (who are anything but food snobs) occasionally tell people not to freeze this or that food, and get dozens of emails from people who love this or that food after freezing. Sometimes they like it best after freezing. So rely on your own judgement and taste buds a little more and experts a little less.

Now, as to your eggs specifically, how long were they frozen? The rubberiness that you might find objectionable after freezing becomes more pronounced over time. So if your eggs were frozen for only a few hours, you will probably not find them particularly objectionable.

In any event, we would either scramble the eggs or use them in a baking project. We would not poach, fry, or use them in some other preparation where they are essentially naked, and all their freezer-stored flaws are on public display.

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