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Will the Real Potatoes Anthony Please Stand Up?

 Could I have the recipe for Potatoes Anthony?

 Could you be a little more specific? Anthony who?

We have not found any classic recipe for a potato dish named after any Anthony. It's not French (although we were hoping he was a distant cousin of the well-known Pommes Anna). It's not Italian. We looked in way too many classic American cookbooks for it to be anything less than a quite obscure potato recipe. Even a general Internet search turns up nothing – and things show up on the Internet whether they exist or not!

No surprise then, that you're having trouble finding a recipe for a dish that doesn't appear to exist.

Of course, it is possible that someone took a traditional recipe, added a little crystallized ginger or fermented pickle juice, and named it after his stepson's best friend's girlfriend's little brother's gerbil. It is more likely, though, that a chef in some restaurant either prepared a standard potato dish or made one up, christened it Potatoes Anthony, and had the residents of central Ohio convinced that it was a famous, named dish, which they would all like to make at home, now that the restaurant has become an Applebee's.

Sorry, but you're either going to have to give us more to go on, or one of our ever-helpful readers is going to have to fill in a few of the blanks.

If that's not good enough, we'll be happy to make something up. (It is unlikely to include pickle juice however….)

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