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How Do Bouillon Cubes Measure Up to Granules ?

Does 1 chicken bouillon cube equal 1 teaspoon of granules?

Even in this day of standardization (but too often falling standards) all bouillon cubes are not created equal.

In general, a cube does equal one teaspoon of granules, and will produce 1 cup of broth. The Knorr brand, at least, produces double-sized blocks (rectangles, not really cubes), where a block produces two cups of broth. It would not surprise us to see other variations here and there, but you can count on the one-to-one ratio most of the time.

In general, too, the concentrated liquid stock bases produce a cup of stock with a teaspoon of base.

The good thing about granules and liquid concentrate, though, is that you can use more or less, as your situation requires (though we have known people who carved away half or less of a bouillon cube in a cooking emergency).

We will take one more moment of your time to recommend that occasionally at least once you make your own stock from scratch. It will surprise you.

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