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Where in the Whole Country to Find a Whole Tenderloin

 I want to purchase whole tenderloin. Where can I do just this?

 Well, thanks for telling us that you live in the UNITED STATES. You didn’t burden us with the news that you live on Manhattan’s Upper East Side or the wilds of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula – even though that could affect our answer. No sir, you told us you are looking for a whole tenderloin in the UNITED STATES! (You might also have mentioned whether you are looking for beef or pork.)

In any event, the easiest option is to go to the meat counter of your grocery store and ask for one. Most meat departments get beef tenderloins whole and cut them down from there. They should certainly be willing to sell you a whole one, even if they have to order an extra one for you. Most meat departments also sell pork tenderloins whole.

If you have access to one, an old-fashioned butcher might be able to sell you a higher quality tenderloin. They might be able to obtain a prime cut, which accounts for only 2% of all beef sold in this country. Needless to say, a prime tenderloin would cost more than a choice cut, which is what you would most likely find in a grocery store.

Whole tenderloins are also available here and there online. They are likely to cost what a lovely German lady once told us a last-minute airline ticket would cost – a “crowd” of money!

A veal tenderloin, which is often called a whole fillet roast, is harder yet to find. Unless you head straight to a butcher, you’ll almost certainly come up empty-handed. A lamb tenderloin is not generally sold on its own, but is part of the loin (T-bone), which is half of the saddle.

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