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When Does Peanut Oil Lose its Vigor?

I just discovered two bottles of peanut oil, approximately 4 years old. These are unopened. They appear to be in a gel-like state. Is it safe to try to use this for deep frying? These got pushed back behind other items in the basement.

We were chatting recently with a group of people, including the woman in charge of the Butterball Turkey hotline. We mentioned a question from a dear reader, who wondered if it was possible to use an unopened container of peanut oil she had lost track of for about 10 years.

When the laughter died down, the group agreed with the Butterball lady that one year was about the maximum shelf-life for unopened peanut oil.

We believe we got the same response from a spokeswoman for the Peanut Institute a few years ago. Apparently the rules have not changed.

She also said you would not use peanut oil even within the year's statute of limitations if, when opened, it had a strong odor.

You should see if there is an oil recycling station in your area, so your aged peanut oil can be put to good use heating homes or powering green busses, or something equally planet-friendly.

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