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Italian or Not, Florentines are Delicious

 What are Florentines?

 They are people from Florence. (Italy.)

Quite possibly, though, the Florentines you are referring to are the delicious little lacy cookies that we would eat all day if we allowed ourselves to. Sometimes they have a layer of chocolate on the bottom or sandwiched between two cookies, which makes them even harder to not eat all day.

Some people will tell you that Florentines are actually Austrian and named as a tribute to the great Italian city. Other people will tell you the cookies have an indisputable Italian heritage. We have chosen not to participate in this argument.

The associated recipe we have provided is not particularly simple, requiring, as it does, a candy thermometer, candied orange peel, and, if possible, a day with low humidity. Nonetheless, we strongly suggest you make some. It is one thing to grasp intellectually what Florentines are; it is another entirely to know them intimately.

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