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When is Gelatin Not Leaf Gelatin?

 In a recipe to make lemon sorbet, what would powdered gelatin be? Would it be commercial gelatin powder mix before it is made into gelatin?

 You're trying too hard. Generally we get this question in reverse – "what in the name of all that is pure and holy is leaf gelatin!?!" (sometimes the wording is a little different, but seldom less passionate).

Leaf or sheet gelatin is more often called for in European recipes than in ours, and when one of us stumbles upon a European recipe, well, things can get out of hand. Leaf gelatin can sometimes be found in specialty baking shops or online.

Powdered gelatin or granulated gelatin is not leaf gelatin or sheet gelatin. It is by far the form most widely available in this country, being available in just about every grocery store and supermarket.

And we have no idea what "commercial gelatin powder mix before it is made into gelatin" is. But it sounds very impressive.

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