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What Is Lassi?

 What is lassi?

 As in, "lassi, come home?" Sorry. We cook and write, cook and write. Occasionally we have to let off a little steam….

Lassi is a cold yogurt drink from India. It can be sweet or savory. The most simple are flavored with sugar or salt and various spices. There are banana lassis, mango lassis, lemon lassis, strawberry lassis, and lassis based on other fruit juices. There is a rich saffron lassi, and a lassi with flecks of butter in it. Another classic is a lassi flavored with rose-water.

India, being a ginormous (yes, certainly that is a real word) country, with so many varying cultures, there is probably at least one lassi for every language (at least 1,576 in the 1991 census). Who is going to prove us wrong?

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