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The Crucial Difference Between Sweet and Sweetened Milk

 I have a recipe for chicken & dumplings I want to try. The dumplings recipe calls for "1-1/4 cup sweet milk, room temperature." Is "sweet milk" the same as "sweetened condensed milk?"

 "Put down the condensed milk and step away from the chicken!" We only hope we got here in time!

We're guessing your recipe is from a somewhat older cookbook, when sweet milk was a useful term. It simply means milk that has not gone sour. With the advent of pasteurization (now only about 145 years old), milk doesn’t sour before it spoils – and that takes several weeks.

So your recipe is simply calling for fresh milk at room temperature. If you have managed to purchase unpasteurized milk – which takes some doing – make sure it hasn't gone sour.

Sweetened condensed milk has had lots and lots of sugar added, and will do absolutely nothing good for your chicken & dumplings.

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