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Will My In-Laws Notice if I Broil on Stainless Steel?

 Why is it so difficult to find a stainless steel broiling pan? How does one broil steak or hamburgers? Is everything grilled now?

 Yes, everything now is grilled — did you not get the memo?

Also, must everything be stainless steel? Frankly in our opinion (and this may not apply to you at all, but in general), the more stainless steel there is, the less cooking is done. People have these showplace kitchens – they spend tens of thousands of dollars to renovate their kitchens – and do little or no cooking. We would rather they dedicate some of that money to really good (flavorful) ingredients, a few really good kitchen tools, and maybe even some cooking lessons. Show off by cooking better and eating better food, not by how shiny your refrigerator is….

In our experience, broiler pans are most often porcelain-covered steel, so that they clean up reasonably well. We have come across a couple of stainless steel broiler pans, from Norpro and Progressive International. Both also make a small size, as well (Norpro, Progressive petit).

You, obviously, are intending to cook – at least steaks or hamburgers, so we'll apologize for our rant. But if this is just about aesthetics, in our experience, porcelain pans generally cost less and are a bit easier to clean.

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