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What & Where is George Washington Broth?

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Q.†I have a recipe that calls for George Washington broth. What is George Washington broth and do you know who makes it? Would a chicken broth substitute or would it need something else?

A.†Thatís G. Washington to you! What youíre looking for is a powdered broth mix, sold in packets. We have been able to track down two varieties: G. Washington Rich Brown Seasoning & Broth and G. Washington Golden Seasoning & Broth. There may also have been onion and vegetable varieties at one time, but we canít track down the manufacturer to find out.

The productsí claim to fame is that they are vegetarian, although both are said to have the fuller taste of meat broths. Comparing their ingredients lists, they appear to be identical, except that the rich brown version contains caramel color, while the golden version contains okra powder. As with most bouillon cubes and dry soup mixes the leading ingredient in each is salt (each packet contains 42% of the recommended daily allowance), with monosodium glutamate coming in second.

If the vegetarian aspect is important to the recipe youíre using, substitute a vegetable stock. Otherwise a chicken or beef stock will do fine. As always, a home-made stock will produce a better dish than a commercially manufactured one, whether from a cube, packet, or can.

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