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Wrestling the Ferocious Coconut

†How do I grate a coconut? I have cut it in half and can't get the meat out.

†Itís time to take off your gloves and get to work. Seriously, you should be able to pry the meat out of the shell in chunks with a sturdy knife. Itís not hermetically sealed — it will yield (but be careful with the knife).

Once the meat is out you should peel off the brown skin with a paring knife or sturdy vegetable peeler. If you are grating the coconut by hand, you can leave the skin on to keep your fingers a little bit farther from the shredder, just remember to stop before you grate any skin (the coconutís or yours). You can also chop the coconut meat in a food processor or in very small batches in a blender, but the look and texture will be a little different than that of shredded coconut.

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