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Steaming (and Re-Steaming) Crabs

 How do I re-steam Maryland blue crabs? I just got a steamer pot (non-electric) and have never used one before.

 We go to great lengths to keep people from overcooking their seafood — so it’s time for an intervention. No matter how much your new steamer cries out to be used, don’t use it to cook your crabs again. If it is your happy circumstance to have blue crabs on hand, already cooked, use them in a salad or some other cold presentation. Crab, like all seafood, is delicate, and will dry out if you cook it again (or overcook it the first time).

Now, put your steamer to good use when you have fresh seafood. In the case of live blue crabs, bring water to a boil in the bottom chamber of your steamer and toss the crabs in the top. Cover and cook until they turn red, which will take about 8 to 10 minutes.

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