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What in Blazes is Chicken Oscar?

 I need to find out what Chicken Oscar is. I am going to a wedding and this is one of the selections on the menu to pick from, and I do not know what it is. I have to get this response out soon. Please help me.

 The classic dish, Veal Oscar, has been rendered more politically correct and certainly more economical by your hosts’ caterer. Reputedly named for Sweden’s King Oscar II, who reigned 100 years ago, the most traditional preparation for Veal Oscar has veal medallions topped with crabmeat and asparagus and a little béarnaise sauce.

Now, you haven’t told us the other choices on the menu, so we can’t help you make a truly informed decision, but if the caterer doesn’t overcook and dry out the chicken, Chicken Oscar should be a good choice.

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