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The Very Best Uses for Truffle Oil

I would like to know what the best way to use black truffle oil is, and also where I may find some recipes using the oil.

The best use for black truffle oil is to send it to us — we'll see that it is disposed of properly. Yes, in the wrong hands, a little truffle oil can be a dangerous thing.

Truffle oil is a high-quality olive oil that has been infused with the flavor of either white or black truffles. It has an earthy flavor and is used sparingly to give a burst of flavor to savory dishes. It is as difficult to describe the taste of white or black truffle oil as it is to try to differentiate them, but both are earthy, savory, and robust. The white oil is likely to have a bit of a peppery taste. The source and quality of the oil used has a substantial impact on the taste, as well.

The best use for truffle oil is summed up in one word — drizzle. It is drizzled over mashed potatoes, slices of fresh bread, risottos, frittatas, foccacia and pizzas, asparagus, bowls of pasta, fancy salads (preferably including scallops), thick soups, and mushroom ragouts and sauces. Beyond the drizzle, it is used (sparingly) to make vinaigrettes for fancy salads or other vegetable dishes. Finally, once you get a handle on the taste, experiment by adding a little truffle oil to some of your favorite dishes. You may well find that the best use for your oil is one of your own creations.

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