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What Complements Beef Wellington?

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Q.  What is the best thing to serve with Beef Wellington? It has spinach, leeks, onion and garlic in the parcel. But what to put with it ?

A. Your Beef Wellington is a little non-traditional already. Classically, BW is a beef tenderloin covered in a rich-as-rich-can-be mixture of foie gras (goose liver), duxelles (a sauté of minced mushrooms and shallots), and, if you’re feeling a little extravagant, truffles, all wrapped in puff pastry. A Madeira sauce is served on the side. Yours appears to be the quasi-vegetarian version of Beef Wellington.

In warmer weather, you would want to pair such a rich and substantial dish with something light. We think a very fresh, crisp, cold, lightly dressed green salad would work well. Serve it as a first course if you like. We are also partial to a carrot puree — carrots boiled in a little vegetable or chicken stock with tarragon, then pureed in the food processor and lightened with a little cream or more stock, if necessary — which would complement your Wellington.

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