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Can You Make Sugarless Fudge at Home?

††My husband and I do not like using or eating refined white sugar. Do you have any suggestions for making fudge using honey or maple sugar? Any recipes would be appreciated.

†Not to be flip, but thatís a little like saying, "we donít care for grapes, but sure would like to make some grape juice." Fudge is essentially cooked sugar, blended with a few other ingredients. Honey and maple sugar are so different from granulated sugar that they would not produce an acceptable fudge, and weíve scoured our library to come up with alternatives, and have nothing to show for it.

Some commercial manufacturers do manage to turn out sugar-free fudges, but they use maltodextrin (a hydrolyzed starch ingredient that contains some sugars) or polydextrose (a low-calorie bulking agent that allows them to produce sugar-free and low-calorie fudge). But neither product is available to consumers, as far as we can tell. And we donít think learning how to use either of them would be that much fun, either.

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