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Cooking Up Chicken Curry Memories

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Q.†I'm am trying to duplicate a wonderful dish for curry chicken. It contained peas, carrots, onions, chicken quarters, curry and apricot nectar. It was a dish made by my husbandís ex-wife. She was a wonderful cook, but a lousy wife. He did not get custody of the cookbooks. I have been trying to find this recipe for 19 years.

A.†We both know there is no answer that can live up to your expectations — after 19 year's of idealizing it, even the original dish is not likely to taste as good as either of you remember.

We spent a pleasurable afternoon, however, combing through a stack of Indian and curry cookbooks and came up with nothing resembling your dish. We found several chicken dishes that feature apricots, but none calling for apricot nectar. We also didn't find a lot of use for peas and carrots. It may be that the ex-wife used a traditional lamb recipe, but substituted chicken. The cuisines of Southern Asia are so broad, there may well be a classical dish that matches what you're looking for, but we have not been able to find it.

Tell your husband that losing the chicken curry was a small price to pay for all that he gained in a new wife, and move on, making your own collective food memories that can be replicated.

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