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How Long Can You Marinate Pork?

†Is it safe to marinate pork for 3 days before cooking?

†If the pork is fresh when you start and you donít go past the grocerís "use-by" date, you should have no problem. Marinating doesnít alter the speed at which meat spoils. Of course, you have to keep it refrigerated and you donít want it exposed the meat to lots of air. It should be tightly covered.

In the world of brining, people usually douse a whole pork roast for two to four days.

A nice way to marinate meat is to place it in a zipper-type storage bag with the marinade and squeeze out as much air as possible when you close the bag. Not only does this reduce the meatís exposure to air, it keeps more of its surface in contact with the marinade while it lounges in your refrigerator.

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