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Pork Rinds for a Low Carbohydrate Diet (or for Snacking)

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Q.†I am on a zero/low-carbohydrate eating regime and it has been suggested that pork rinds (in chip form) may be substituted for breadcrumbs or flour when preparing breaded items (chicken, etc.). It was suggested that they could be obtained in the "chip" section of the grocery store… but so far, I have had no luck locating them. It may be they are "out of vogue" given the current tendency to avoid fats! Do you have any ideas as to where I could source these either here in Canada or in the US? Or, failing that, can you offer some non/low-carbo alternatives?

A.† First, and just to get this out of the way, pork rinds were never actually in vogue. But we, too, are familiar with the practice of using crushed pork rinds to bread foods. From a carbohydrate perspective, there doesnít appear to be any better alternative. Indeed, one pork rind producer in Chicago has added capacity in recent years, as low-carbohydrate diets are enjoying something of a renaissance. And in spite of our smart-aleck in vogue comment, pork rinds accounted for $840 million in sales in the US in 1999, so someoneís eating them.

We suggest asking the manager of your grocery store. In our little town, both supermarkets will special-order products they donít stock in the never-ending quest to keep us from going to the other supermarket. We have been in touch with a couple of pork-rind producers and snack-food manufacturers in this country, but havenít found them exporting to Canada. Surely there are Canadian sources of pork rinds, though.

Sadly, apparently wasnít able to make a go of things and shut down some months ago.

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