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Dip with Mushroom, Spinach & Brie

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Q.  I am looking for a dip made with spinach, mushrooms and brie. Simply delicious! Just can't seem to find it anywhere. Would appreciate any help you can give.

A. These are the world’s hardest questions, because humanity is generating recipes at a furious pace. We figure book publishers, cooking magazine publishers, and commercial test kitchens in this country alone are publishing an average of 350 recipes a day (including holidays and weekends), and that doesn’t include the zillions of chefs and other cooking professionals, and the inventive home cooks who are also creating new recipes each day. It is literally impossible to keep up.

No one here knows of a spinach, mushroom & brie dip. But because you asked so nicely, we’ll throw the question out to our readers. Anyone?

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