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How to Roast a Large Prime Rib Perfectly

I've got a 14-lb large-end, 6-bone prime rib roast. Please suggest a rub, and oven temperature and time for a near-perfect, medium-rare roast.

We tend to be traditionalists here — we would either not rub it with anything, or just with a cut clove of garlic. Season all sides with salt and pepper. Place it rib-side down on a roasting pan and place it in a 325F oven (165C).

Figure on 15 minutes per pound, but if you don't use an instant-read thermometer, you're taking a gamble, especially with such a large roast. You want an internal temperature of 125F (52C) for medium rare before you take it out of the oven — which will rise to 135F (57C) as it rests for about 30 minutes after you take it out of the oven. The ends, of course, will be more done…

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