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What is a Sachet of Vanilla?

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Q.† I recently was given a baking cook book that comes from England and I have a few questions about ingredients that I hope you can answer for me. What are: a sachet of vanilla sugar (I know what the vanilla sugar is, but not the sachet), and castor sugar?

A.†Oh, if we only spoke the same language. A sachet is simply a packet, as a sachet of gelatin is a packet of gelatin. The problem is, we havenít been able to find out how much vanilla sugar comes in a packet. Weíre guessing itís about 2 teaspoons, and that some of our eagle-eyed British readers will correct us if necessary.†

(Vanilla sugar, as you know is granulated sugar thatís been infused with vanilla. If youíve run out of sachets and want to make it at home, place one vanilla bean in 1/2 pound of sugar in a closed container, and let the flavors mingle for a week or so.)

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