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Keeping Breaded Meats from Sticking to the Pan

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Q.†Whenever I fry breaded veal cutlets, the first side browns beautifully. When I turn them over, the next side always sticks to the pan. Consequently, one side is beautifully breaded, and the other side is bare of coating. This happens to any kind of meat that I bread. I use olive oil for frying. What am I doing wrong?

A.†There are a number of possibilities. You should dry the meat with paper towels before you add the breading. You should coat it lightly with flour, which will help the breading adhere, followed by an egg wash (a mixture of egg and milk or water, although egg alone will bind the breading better). You can gently press the breading onto the meat, as well. It is possible youíre not using enough oil, and so by the time the first side is beautifully done, the second side comes into such close contact with the surface of the pan, that it canít help but stick. A non-stick pan could also be part of the solution.

And, the obvious answer, which youíve already thought of — serve them with the pretty side up!

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