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What Does Rick Bayless Cook With?

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Q. I was wondering if you could tell me where to find an orange oven pot like the one that Rick Bayless uses on his show Mexico: One Plate at a Time? I have been looking with no luck for a while now.

A. Well, we went to the source, or pretty close to it, and sent a message to Rick Bayless's web site, Frontera Foods. The reply we received from one of his staff members is: "I think the orange pot you are asking about is a Le Creuset piece. It is sold by catalogue or in department stores."

As with other Le Creuset cooking products, they come in an almost infinite range of sizes and styles, but the color you're looking for is "flame." Not Cherry Red. Not Citrus. Flame. Our retail partner has a huge selection of Le Creuset flame cookware, including the following pieces:

cover7-Quart Round French Oven  cover2-5/8-Quart Soup Pot

cover8-Quart Stock Pot  cover3-5/8-Quart Deep Saute Pan

Our other cookware vendors, Chef's Catalog and would feel slighted if we didn't mention the immediate availability of flame-colored Le Creuset cookware at their sites, as well.

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