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How to Make Fresh Mozzarella

I would love to make some fresh mozzarella cheese to go with the tomatoes from my garden.Do you have a recipe?

We have been puzzling over this question for a couple of weeks, now. We met Paula Lambert, owner of The Mozzarella Company in Dallas, a couple of years ago and recall some of her horror stories about learning to make mozzarella, and importing or borrowing a professor from Italy for several months who helped her get on her feet. When we received a review copy of her book The Cheese Lovers Cookbook and Guide, we were curious to see whether she would include cheesemaking recipes. She does, but this is what she has to say about trying to make mozzarella at home:

"It is very difficult to make good cheese at home…. Mozzarella is even more difficult, because stringing the curds involves monitoring the pH of the cheese, a very difficult thing to do. I have tried and tried to make it at home, but I have failed each and every time. Instead, I recommend that you buy curds from a store that strings mozzarella daily. Alternatively, Ricki Carroll of the New England Cheesemaking Supply Company has developed a kit for making fresh mozzarella in a microwave."

If you won't be daunted, check out: How to find mozzarella curd.

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