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Salt-lick Meatloaf

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Q. My meat loaf is too salty. How can I take the saltiness out of my 2nd batch before I bake it?

A. Add bread. Add meat. Add egg. In short, there is nothing you can do to remove the excess salt; your only option is to increase the other ingredients surrounding it. If it's really salty, you may want to double the recipe. If it's not too bad, you may only want to increase the recipe by half. And since making meatloaf is not a terribly scientific process, you may be able to get away with just adding a bit more of this and that to balance the flavors.

But the bright side is that you may wind up with a third batch of meatloaf to share with family or friends, and you'll be a lot less likely to make this all-too-common mistake again.

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