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Finding a Recipe Journal

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Q. I'm looking for a recipe book that you can write your own ingredients and methods in, similar to a day planner, I guess. If you have any information where I could purchase one, it would be helpful. 

A. There are lots of recipe journals on the market, but generally you find one or two in a kitchenware shop and perhaps another in a bookstore, but it's fairly hard to find a selection of them from which to choose. If you see something you like, buy it — you may not find it again. 

One we're quite fond of is the Saveur Cooks Recipe Journal (Canada, UK), from the publishers of Saveur magazine. It features a three-ring binder that opens flat. There are a few pictures, a recipe or two that starts off each section, and pages and pages of lined paper waiting for your recipes. The section dividers also have pockets to hold clippings and recipe cards.

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