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Finding Coconut Water

Can unsweetened coconut WATER be ordered online?

Yes. Ingredients that used to be devilishly hard to find are now available all over the Internet — including unsweetened coconut WATER. Stock up. It's a bargain.

And for the uninitiated, coconut WATER is the natural juice found inside the coconut, as opposed to coconut milk, which is made by boiling equal amounts of WATER and shredded coconut together until foamy, then straining, or coconut cream, which is made in the same manner with a ratio of four parts of shredded coconut to one part WATER. Milk can also be used in place of the WATER for a richer mix. These products are available online and in many grocery stores, but are not to be confused with sweetened cream of coconut, which is most often used for mixed drinks.

By the way, why are we shouting about WATER?

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