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How to Make (or Purchase) Demi-Glace

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Q. How do I make a demi-glaze or demi-glace sauce? I know it may be difficult (no problem, I love to cook). I understand Knorr makes a "mix," which I've seen in restaurant kitchens, but I don't know where I can purchase it. Add the fact that I moved to [a nameless city in the South] from San Francisco (oh, how I miss my gourmet shops and fresh produce), you know that if it "ain't" fried, you may not find it here. Help me Ochef-bewonkanobi, you're my only hope.

A. Yes, humor and flattery always move your questions to the top of the pile and get them answered faster. (The fact that some of us grew up in the South didn't help your cause, but Ochef-bewonkanobi put you over the top.) Actually, in this case though, you merely need to tap your ruby slippers together three times, say quietly to yourself, "I like Southern food, really I do," and click here to view the results of the last time someone asked us how to make this thick, rich sauce.

The folks at Knorr have inexplicably discontinued production of their demi-glace, so you can't buy it anywhere now. But one of our retail partners, , offers a that you can purchase online.

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