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What is Amul Cheese?

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Q. I am vexed. I am making an East Indian dish that calls for grated "Amul" cheese. I have spoken with professionals from both Indian restaurants and Indian grocery stores and they do not know what I am talking about. After searching the net I have found a brand of Indian cheese by the name of Amul but it doesn't help me fill my ingredient list. Is it a brand of goat cheese or what? It's a major component of this dish and I would like to find a suitable substitute but don't know what to use. HELP — OR IT'S GONNA BE GOAT-CHEESE ROULETTE !! (ex-restaurant owner who is cooking this dish for 50 fellow firefighters in two days).

A. Amul is the brand name of products made by the huge Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation in the Indian state of Gujarat. The federation has been producing butter since at least 1945 and now also makes a wide variety of milk products including ghee, ice cream, and cheese.

Among the cheeses are cheddar, Emmental, mozzarella, and paneer (the fresh white cheese similar to farmer's cheese). The Emmental and mozzarella are new Amul products, so are probably not the ones called for in your recipe. Paneer is in commonly used in Indian cooking, but is so common, we doubt a recipe writer would specify a brand name. So our guess is that your recipe calls for Amul's pasteurized, processed cheddar cheese, which is the only Amul cheese available for sale in the US. 

You can purchase   in a 14-ounce can online through our retail partner We assume you can also purchase Amul cheddar where you are in Canada, but are not sure. Or you can go to the supermarket and buy some cheddar cheese. 

If the people running your Indian market don't know what Amul cheese is, how many of your fellow firefighters are going to look up in astonishment in the middle of their first bite and say, "Hey, I am vexed! This doesn't taste like Amul cheese to me!"

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