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Finding Dobos Torte Pans

  Dobos Torte, a famous Hungarian cake, should be made with a special baking pan, multi-layered, so as to bake the 7 or 8 layers at the same time. Where can I buy one of those pans? By the way, I live in Brazil and the store should have means of sending the item to my country.

 The creation and namesake of Hungarian pastry chef József Dobos, the Dobos Torte includes anywhere from six to 12 layers of thin sponge cake (tradition calls for six to eight, but some folks get carried away) interspersed with chocolate buttercream, and topped with caramalized sugar. It is not a simple torte to make, as the caramel wants to set up while you’re trying to spread it into a beautiful sheet.

Now, as far as we can tell, you could live on the far side of the moon and still have as much chance of buying a special multi-layered Dobos Torte pan as we do in the US or Europe. We have not been able to turn up a single reference to the pan. The Hungarian cookbooks we have (some of which are quite old) have you baking multiple batches in cake pans and loaf pans. The pastry chefs who have the gumption to make the torte generally bake the layers on the backside of sheet pans.

We have looked at bakery supply and specialty kitchenware Internet sites in the US, France, Germany and Austria, and have likewise turned up nothing. Perhaps they can be found in Hungary — new or used — but we don’t seem to have the linguistic resources to find out. Sorry.

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