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Tracking Down Rice Wine Vinegar

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Q. In what supermarkets can you find rice wine vinegar?

A. In what supermarkets can you not find rice wine vinegar? They should be condemned and shut down. The Asian section of the ethnic aisle of a supermarket should have rice wine vinegar. Could it be in the vinegar section of the condiments aisle? Yes, it could be there, also.

In any case, ask a supervisor or manager. Many stores that are part of large chains have access to many foods that they may not stock regularly. The only way a provincial manager is going to stock something unfamiliar, though, is if people ask for it. Often, the manager can and will order a single unit of something for an individual customer, but given enough demand, will create a little space for something new and exotic (such as rice wine vinegar) on the shelf. And then your neighbors won't have to go to the trouble of asking us where to find it….

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