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Pampered Chef Recipes

 I would like to know if you have "Pampered Chef" Recipes using crescent rolls. I was only able to find one, the Chicken Broccoli Braid, and would like others, like the Philly Steak-Filled Crescent Wreath, and savory chicken, etc. Do you have them?

  The Pampered Chef is a company founded in 1980 that sells cookware, cutlery, spices, cookbooks, and other products direct to consumers by way of an independent sales force. Its "Kitchen Shows" are much like Tupperware Parties and other in-home demonstration parties.

Until fairly recently, Pampered Chef didn’t sell over the Internet, but has now embraced the web as a source of sales and product information. The company has produced dozens of cookbooks, many of which are still on the market. It offers some recipes online — just not the ones you're looking for. (In our experience, companies that are in the business of making money from cookbooks are reasonably stingy about the recipes they give away.)

We found an Internet site, Joyce’s Fine Cooking, that has a large collection of Pampered Chef recipes.

As with any cookbook publisher, Pampered Chef’s books go out of print as new ones are published, so you may have a hard time tracking down the right book or books that feature crescent-roll recipes. On the other hand, we’ve noticed a slew of Pampered Chef books recently.

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