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Finding cumin, cardamom, anise seeds & demerara sugar

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Q. I need to locate these ingredients to be shipped overnight because I was just notified of a Oriental/Thai/Pacific dinner for 40 the day after tomorrow (I am an event organizer in case you were wondering how I got into this predicament). Here is the list: cumin seeds, cardamom pods, palm or demerara sugar, anise seeds in quantity. Thank you I'll be waiting right here.

A. Calm down. The ingredients you're looking for are not that obscure, especially since we see you live in a big city. A good grocery store should have all of them in quantities suitable for feeding 40 people; frankly, it just doesn't take pounds and pounds of cumin or cardamom to spice up a dish, even in very flavorful Asian cooking.

If you can't find all the ingredients in a nearby supermarket or specialty store, has the spices, but not the sugar, and has the sugar, but not the spices. We don't know whether you will make either company's deadline for overnight delivery….

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