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Where is Le Creuset Online?

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Q. Could you supply me with the Web site for Le Creuset cookware?

A. Le Creuset makes its enameled cast-iron cookware at a factory in Fresnoy-Le-Grand in the north of France. But its products are available more or less worldwide, so the company has a number of Web sites from which to choose. The mother site in France requires a knowledge of French. The United States has its own dedicated site, which is apparently not to be used by people in Canada, Mexico, or, like you, Puerto Rico. And the British have a site of their own, as well. But the rest of the world must share the remaining site, which is perhaps meant to show the people in the US, Britain, and France how good the rest of the world is at sharing. The gateway to all four of these sites is simply

Now, if you're shopping for Le Creuset cookware online, we're pretty sure you're going to purchase it through the links at to, ,, or Chef's Catalog, so that you enjoy your new cookware and we enjoy a modest commission on your purchase. Right?

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