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Tracking Down British Treacle

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Q. I am looking for a source to purchase British treacle. Can you suggest an American source?

A. You know, it's not like there is just one treacle. A country the size of Britain is bound to have more than one treacle. Luxembourg probably has more than one treacle. Andorra may have only one treacle, and maybe they have to borrow that one from Britain. But Britain has a number of treacles.

The word treacle in Britain is applied to a variety of syrups that are produced in the process of refining sugar from either sugar cane or beets. In common usage, it is applied to the darker forms, which are generally called molasses in other parts of the world. But it can also be used to refer to the lighter "golden syrups," which are not technically a type of molasses but an invert sugar syrup

Now after all that ranting and raving, the fact is, there are not a lot of British treacles available in this country. Indeed, there are basically two. We assume you're looking for black treacle, which is available at a number of sites online: British American Imports, Dutch Connection Imports, and Shop England Online, a little more expensive yet.

If, however, you're looking for golden syrup, you can find it in a surprising number of grocery stores these days, and also online at . Clicking on Sweeteners seems to be a more dependable way to find it than using the search box.

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