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How Do You Top a White Pizza?

Do you have a recipe for a white instead of a red pizza sauce? I'm trying to find one to use when I make vegetarian Boboli pizza. I have tried a store-bought light Alfredo sauce, but it wasn't quite the taste I was looking for.

A traditional pizza bianca, or white pizza, generally has no sauce, just a covering of mozzarella cheese on top of some garlic, olive oil and herbs, with whatever other toppings are involved. We haven't really come up with a classic white pizza topping, and we've looked in a dozen books or more.

One staff member recalls a ricotta-based white sauce on a "torta" served in a Boston restaurant years ago. Her best guess is that it included a bit of a traditional white sauce with a fair portion of ricotta cheese, perhaps an egg yolk, certainly some garlic, and possibly a bit of another kind of cheese, possibly provolone, possibly Parmigiano-Reggiano.

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