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What is Ground Rice?

What is ground rice, as used in a recipe from the UK?

In other countries, grinding rice may not exactly be an art form, but certainly has more dimensions than here in the United States. In this country, "rice flour" is our one form of ground rice (thouh you can also find brown rice flour). It is quite possible that different processors mill their rice flours to different degrees of fineness, but we don't think there's any practical way to differentiate among them, even if you wanted to be picky. Rice flour is used in baking and also as a thickening agent.

Ground rice in the UK is only slightly more varied, appearing in two forms — rice flour and an even finer rice powder. Use rice flour for the ground rice specified in your British recipe.

It is in parts of Asia, though, where grinding rice has hit its stride. There are many varieties and brands of rice flour. There are white rice flours and brown rice flours, rice flours mixed with ground dal and/or corn, roasted rice powder, and vitamin-enhanced rice flours. You may be able to find quite a variety in well-stocked Indian or Thai markets.

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