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How Do You Make Jambalaya?

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Q. Need the recipe for Jambalaya.

A. To which jambalaya are you referring? The brown jambalaya that generally includes chicken and andouille sausage? The tomato-based jambalayas containing ham, chicken, shrimp and/or sausage? A jambalaya made with pork ribs, beef, duck, or crawfish? There are certainly jambalayas for every day of the year and guess what? Every one of them claims to be jambalaya, perhaps the jambalaya.

(continued from home page) The one ingredient common to all is rice. Indeed, the name jambalaya is thought to come from a combination of the French word for ham, jambon, la the African word for rice, ya — jamb--la-ya. And while the jambon has become discretionary, the rice has not. Most jambalayas also include the three elements common to much of Louisiana cooking — onion, green pepper, and celery.

We have too much to do to spend the entire day typing 365 jambalaya recipes, but to start you on the road to jambalaya nirvana, here are two different approaches: Andouille & Chicken Jambalaya, and Seafood Jambalaya.

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