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Turning Out (or Buying) Perfect Ladyfingers

   I have made a few very tasty tortes with ladyfinger cookies and have searched the web endlessly to buy them. I have made them at home with recipes — but the perfect uniform size and shape of pre-packed ones are best. I cannot find them anywhere in Italian stores or on the web. Do you know of a place I can purchase them?

  First of all, we have complete confidence in your ability to make delicious, uniform, fresh, non-preservative-laden ladyfingers. We also know that in your heart, flavor is more important than shape. And, finally, we’re sure you know that the secret to consistently formed ladyfingers is to pipe the batter through a large pastry bag without a tip or with a plain 5/8th-inch tip. A tiny bit of practice, and you’ll be turning out perfect ladyfingers by the dozen.

However, we also recognize that compromise is often required to get a nice dessert on the table at all, and give you full credit for the desserts you have been making! There are some plain-Jane ladyfingers for sale in our local supermarkets — about the only thing they have going for them is their consistent, machine-produced shape. But we’d be surprised if they aren’t available in most grocery stores.

On the Internet, iGourmet one of our retail partners has a 14-ounce package for $7 plus $97 for shipping & handling (just kidding, it’s around $4 to $8, depending on where you live).

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