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Substituting Semisweet Chocolate for Bittersweet

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Q. I read your, Bittersweet to Semisweet article and I have the reverse problem. I have recipes calling for bittersweet chocolate and can't find it at any of my grocery stores. What conversion can I use to make bittersweet chocolate?

A. Hmmm. We thought what we said about substituting bittersweet chocolate for semisweet is that they can by definition be identical — with 35% chocolate liquor — and that the quality of the chocolate is likely to have more bearing on the outcome of your recipe than the description on the package. We also said you could courageously add a bit of sugar to your recipe to make the bittersweet sweeter. In your case, we would let you take a little of the sugar out of the recipe to compensate for any added sweetness of the semisweet you are condemned to purchase.

(continued from home page) If you're not comfortable with that loosey-goosey approach, you could visit a local candy store, which might have blocks of bittersweet chocolate available. You can also find high-quality bittersweet chocolate for sale online.

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