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Can You Freeze Tofu?

 Can tofu be frozen?

 Sure. But you have to remember that watery foods have the most to lose in the freezing/thawing process, and tofu is not an exception. The issue with tofu is that as it thaws, a fair percentage of its water seeps out, changing its texture significantly.

What is left after it has thawed is said to resemble a yellow, chewy sponge, which is very high in protein and fiber. Because it has lost its former creaminess, you will not be able to use it as a base for dips or other smooth dishes. But some people actually love the texture after thawing, because it is so easy to crumble or dice, and it is seen as a great substitute in any dish that calls for ground meat. It can also be sliced, breaded, and fried like a cutlet. In its sponginess, it has a natural attraction for marinades, and so is also often cooked on a grill.

Five months seems to be the agreed-upon limit for freezing tofu.

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