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A Chart of Beef Cuts, If You Please

 Where can I see a chart showing where all the various cuts of beef come from?

 Our friends at the National Cattlemen's Beef Association have been known to send out a pamphlet or two extolling the virtues of beef, and including a chart of standard cuts. Since they don't spend the entire day riding and roping and driving the herd, they've also found time to make the chart available online as a PDF. We have one hung on our wall.

There is one point worth mentioning, though, and that is that the names of certain cuts of meat vary in different parts of the country. So it is possible that you will see a piece of beef in your grocery store that doesn't show up on the chart, because most people in your area know it by another name. You may need to ask the staff in the meat department if they know of alternate names for that cut.

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